2023 Surf Challenge

Surf Sports Park, 14989 Via De La Valle,
Del Mar, California, 92024

Number of Fields: 14
Parking: Available with fee $20.00
Facility Rules: You agree to abide by the following rules: ■ Drive slowly. ■ Park only in designated areas. If unsure, ask. ■ Follow the directions of the parking attendant(s). ■ Let pedestrians have the right of way. ■ Stay away from irrigation equipment. ■ Stay in designated practice areas. ■ Pick up your trash and keep the area clean. ■ No dogs or other pets are allowed. You agree that the repeated violation of the above rules may result in fines, revocation of parking or attendance privileges, or removal from the tournament. The cost of repairing any damage caused to equipment or facilities by a player or a player's parent or sibling shall be the responsibility of the player and the player's parents, and they shall reimburse Surf for repair costs paid by Surf. You agree to indemnify and hold Surf, its officers, directors, and employees, and agents, harmless for any incidental damage to your property due to parking lot conditions, miskicked soccer balls, or any other activities related to athletic fields.
Directions: The Surf Sports Park (formerly San Diego Polo Fields) is located in Del Mar, CA. From Interstate 5 take the Via De La Valle exit. Go East on Via De La Valle. 2.8 miles down the road you will see the entrance to the sports park off of Via De La Valle.
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